Publishing House "MEDFORUM", LLC

In the publishing house "MEDFORUM" there are medical journals:
series for medical practitioners "Effective pharmacotherapy" in various medical specialties:
- obstetrics and gynecology;
- cardiology and angiology;
- urology;
- endocrinology;
- Gastroenterology,
- pediatrics,
- oncology,
- Neurology and psychiatry,
- pulmonology and otorhinolaryngology,
- dermatovenereology and dermatocosmetology;
- Allergology and immunology;
- epidemiology and infections;
- ophthalmology,
magazine "Bulletin of family medicine"as well as a monthly magazine for pharmacists and pharmacists Pharmacy Business.
For a wide range of health professionals, a new professional magazine is published. "Hi + Med. High technologies in medicine".

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«Bionika Media»
represents specialized projects in the field of pharmacy and medicine.
Our readership:
- heads of pharmaceutical companies
- practicing doctors of all specialties
Direct mail publications carried throughout the territory
Russian Federation.
Circulations confirmed by the National Circulation Service.
«Bionika Media» It takes an active part in specialized exhibitions, congresses, conferences, seminars, establishing strong and long-term relationships with the readership.
ООО «Bionika Media»
ООО «Bionika Media»
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Office in Ukraine
LLC Publishing House Professional Editions

Publishing house “Professional`nye izdaniya”, Ltd.
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The publishing house specializes in the issue of international scientific journals:

  • “Laboratory diagnostics. Eastern Europe"
  • "Cardiology in Belarus"
  • “Neurology and Neurosurgery. Eastern Europe"
  • “Otolaryngology. Eastern Europe"
  • "Ophthalmology. Eastern Europe"
  • "Psychiatry, psychotherapy and clinical psychology"
  • “Reproductive health. Eastern Europe"
  • "Recipe" - all about medicines for pharmacists and doctors
  • "Surgery. Eastern Europe"
  • "Emergency medicine"
  • "Clinical Infectology and Parasitology"
  • "Pediatrics. Eastern Europe"
  • "Oncology. Eastern Europe"
  • "Innovative technologies in medicine"
  • "Dermatovenereology Cosmetology"
and publishes Zdorovaya Gazeta, a popular science publication on the latest medical advances, on topical issues of domestic and foreign healthcare, on various diseases, methods of their prevention and treatment.
The pages of journals contain scientific and practical materials on the diagnosis, prevention, pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of various diseases, original research, articles on innovative developments and other materials.
The editorial boards (councils) of publications include leading experts from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. The peculiarity of journals is the system of national editorial boards for the first time introduced in the post-Soviet space, headed by chief editors who interact on a parity basis. The journals are reviewed, included in the lists of publications recommended by the Higher Attestation Commissions of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation for the publication of scientific articles, including for the degree of candidate and doctor of medical sciences.
Scientific articles published in the publication are counted in Ukraine for obtaining scientific degrees in accordance with Part 1 of Section 14 of the procedure for awarding scientific degrees and the academic title of senior researcher, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 07.03.2007 No. 423.
Electronic versions of journals posted on the website of the scientific electronic library of the Russian Federation and in the East View database on the website

Book production.
Development and implementation of PR and advertising campaigns.
Design Studio - a full range of printing services.

Journal "Difficult Patient" is a polythematic scientific and practical medical publication for doctors of various specialties.
Periodicity: 12 issues per year.
Journal "Difficult Patient" is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RINC).
The circulation of polythematic numbers is 50 000 copies. (Circulation certified by the National Circulation Service).
Distribution: medical institutions of the Russian Federation (89 regions). The distribution is carried out by free delivery by the heads of departments and chief doctors of hospitals and clinics, and the magazine is also distributed at major medical exhibitions and symposia.

Address for correspondence:
Russia, 127055, Moscow, PO Box 91
Tel / fax: +7 (495) 500-61-96
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“Doctors of the Russian Federation” is the first Russian system of e-Dieeting 2.0, uniting more than 450 thousand professionals in medicine and pharmaceuticals with the largest groups of the same name in the popular soc. networks, as well as the largest personal base of e-mail contacts. The Doctors of the Russian Federation community is part of the Skolkovo Innovation Fund.

Journal of Breast Cancer - an independent publication for practitioners. Published since 1995. Current comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for doctors of all specialties. The authors of the articles are leading experts in their fields. Periodicity - 40 issues per year. It is distributed free in Russia among specialists and medical institutions, as well as by subscription in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. More detailed information on our website.

Address: 105066, Moscow, st. Spartakovskaya, d. 16, p. 1
Tel. 8 (495) 545-09-80

The iVrach practicing physicians club is a professional medical network uniting the elite of practical medicine from the near and far abroad. Since 2012, part of the international alliance of medical networks Networks in Health.
The main objectives of the Club are to promote professional communication and improve the quality of information support for doctors. The site publishes information on the safety of drugs, clinical trials, scientific publications are discussed in the framework of the "Journal Club".
Also, doctors are offered a free course of studying medical English.

Who is Who in medicine, Federal specialized magazine
The journal provides a multilateral dialogue on the implementation of health programs, the development of modern medical technologies, improvement of organizational activities, the search for effective innovative solutions, serves as a tool in personnel policy, strengthening the reputation and stimulating the best employees, ensuring the progress and professional success of domestic medicine.
Read the articles of your colleagues and join the dialogue on

Editorial address: 107023, Moscow, pl. Zhuravleva, d. 10, p. 1
Phone / Fax: (499) 704-04-24, (495) 962-12-22
Email: [email protected]

Founder of the journal: Open Joint-Stock Company “Medicine” Publishing House
Periodicity: 4 issues per year
Magazine subscription indexes:
catalog "Rospechat"
- for individual subscribers - 70646
- for enterprises and organizations - 70648

The magazine is presented in the following international information publications: Journal Abstract (JIN), Scientific Electronic Library (, Russian Index of Scientific Citationl. is a unique educational and social portal for doctors and health care professionals, where the latest research, development, and statistical data are presented. is a cozy personal office of the doctor, where you can always find a handbook of medicines and reference books, magazines, instructions from the Ministry of Health and a fresh newspaper with medical science news, a convenient calendar of events in the medical world to plan your year in advance. is a closed club where there is an opportunity to discuss with colleagues a complex clinical case or health problems in general.

Throughout the entire period of its existence, the medical literature publishing house PRACTICAL MEDICINE has always paid special attention to the quality of books and magazines produced.
Cooperating with leading Russian scientists, authors of practical guides, atlases, textbooks, the publishing house also pays great attention to translated literature. This allows you to make available to many Russian specialists information about the world experience in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases.
In 2014, PRACTICAL MEDICINE celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Doctors Together - professional educational social network for doctors. Today, the portal’s editorial staff has prepared more than 1,000 exclusive training videos for doctors of various specialties: recording reports from conferences, video lectures by Russian and foreign professors, doctors of science, professionals in their field, as well as thematic films, interviews and so on. The portal regularly broadcasts online with the ability to live to ask questions to lecturers and chat with colleagues! Already, the portal brings together 60 thousand specialists and has to exchange news, clinical cases, the creation of their own thematic groups, the search for colleagues! Join colleagues! Over 1000 exclusive medical videos for you!

Publishing House "Russian Doctor" was established in 1995 and continues the tradition of publishing in Russia scientific and practical journals for specialists:
"Doctor" - a leading medical journal designed for doctors of all specialties, scientists and teachers of medical universities.
In the magazine "Molecular medicine" The results of scientific research in such areas as the study of the molecular and genetic bases of the etiology and pathogenesis of socially significant diseases are published in order to develop new diagnostic methods and effective methods for the treatment of human diseases, including those based on nuclear medicine technologies.
On the pages "Pharmacy" It covers all issues related to the theory and practice of modern pharmaceuticals, the technology of manufacturing medicines, the production and research of medicines.
Scientific and practical journal "Sports medicine: science and practice" - Russia's first specialized scientific and practical publication in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping support of sports.
Popular Science Magazine "Nurse" informs about new directions in nursing science, education, international nursing movement, current problems of health care and medicine, effective approaches to the provision of medical care and care for patients.
Publications are included in the Scientific Electronic Library and occupy a leading position in the index of scientific citation.

Human Reproduction

Full-scale peer-reviewed articles describing self-study, clinical cases, and opinions and debates on various topics. The published works cover the scientific and medical aspects of reproductive physiology and pathology, endocrinology, andrology, gonadal function, gametogenesis, fertilization, fetal development, pregnancy, genetics, genetic diagnosis, oncology, infectious diseases, surgery, contraception, fertility treatment, psychology, ethics and social problems.

Group of companies "Remedium" provides a full range of services for specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy. For many years of work, the main areas of activity of Remedium Group of Companies have become - the publication of specialized periodicals (magazines "Remedium" "Russian pharmacies", "Medical Council", "ABC"), reference books, the provision of electronic databases, organizing and conducting events rent of medical representatives, organization of advertising and PR support.

Remedia magazine
Monthly specialized information and analytical magazine, based on the concept of which the study, analysis and forecasting of the development of the field of drug supply, the pharmaceutical market and the market of medical equipment in Russia and CIS countries. Among the authors of the journal are well-known scientists, health organizers, leading researchers and analysts.
The journal has been published since 1997. 12 issues are published annually. Format - A4, volume: 76-132 pp., Circulation - 12,000 copies.
The publication is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for publication of the main results of dissertation research.

Magazine "Russian pharmacies"
Popular industry publication, well known in Russia and the CIS countries with a circulation of 27,000 copies per month.
The magazine publishes: reports on changes in the legal framework, legal advice, recommendations of specialists on various aspects of administrative activity, information on new promising developments, as well as reviews to help employees of the "first table", which aim to orient in the assortment of medicines parapharmaceuticals and medical devices.
The magazine has been published since 1999. 24 issues a year. Format - A5 +, volume - 48 p., Circulation - 13,500 copies.

105082, Moscow, st. Bakuninskaya, d.71, p.10
Tel: (495) 780-34-25; fax: (495) 780-34-26;
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"Treatment and Prevention":
scientific and practical medical journal for doctors, researchers, graduate students, students
Main subjects:
New technologies for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, organization of medical care; basic research. Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, internal and infectious diseases For each issue published an application
Magazine coming out 4 times a year

Editorial address: 125212, Moscow, Golovinskoe highway, 8, p. 2a
Tel. +7 (495) 2326171

LLC "Medical Marketing Agency" Media Medica "
Russia, 115054, Moscow, Zhukov passage, house 19
Tel / Fax: +7 (495) 926 29 83
Email: [email protected]

LLC "Medical Marketing Agency" Media Medica "publishes periodicals for postgraduate education of doctors of various specialties: the magazine" Consilium Medicum ", the appendix" Consilium Medicum "-" Neurology "," Pediatrics "," Surgery "," Gastroenterology "," Diseases of the respiratory organs "," Dermatology "; journals “Clinic Reference Guide”, “Systemic Hypertension”, “Cardiosomatics”, “Gynecology”, “Modern Oncology”, “Psychiatry and Psychopharmacotherapy”, “Mental Disorders in General Medicine”, “Reference Book of a Pharmacist”, “Infections in Surgery”; newspapers “District Therapist”, “District Pediatrician”, “Neurologist Newspaper”, “Psychiatrist's Diary”, “Kardiogazeta”, “GIT”, “Female Consultation”, “Pervostolnik”, “Dental Tribune”; as well as books, reference books and manuals. All specialized publications are distributed free of charge.

The autonomous non-profit organization Open Medical Communications is an informational Internet resource that brings together specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology and pediatrics. The project is directly involved in the development of continuing medical education by organizing distance education online sessions (webinars), cycles and modules, during which doctors will be able to consult with leading experts in this field.

Scientific and practical medical peer-reviewed journal «Doktor.Ru»

[email protected]

The Doctor.Ru magazine has been published since 2002. It is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission on 16 topics.

Doctor.Ru is a team of professionals. The journal is designed to facilitate the exchange of professional medical information and training of workers at all levels of the health care system. For subscription contact - [email protected]

Full texts of articles are available in the eLIBRARY electronic library.

The founder of the magazine is NP "RUSMEDICAL GROUP".

The Institute of Perinatal and Reproductive Psychology conducts scientific, educational and practical activities in the field of reproductive psychology. The founders and teachers of the institute are the authors and developers of this area of ​​psychology.
Unique methods of working with infertility, miscarriage, ART and other problems of the reproductive sphere were developed in the course of practical work and tested in collaboration with doctors. - federal medical information Internet portal:

  • 9th place among the medical sites of the Russian Federation
  • Full database of drugs and search by INN
  • Information about medical institutions of the Russian Federation
  • Medical online store Medsovet Market
  • Buying drugs through online pharmacies
  • Forum of doctors and patients

The site contains information about upcoming medical conferences and exhibitions, as well as events related to biology, chemistry and related sciences and disciplines.
The resource was created for the popularization of science, so that all interested can find out what is happening in the field of scientific research and find relevant information about events and participants, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical equipment and products.